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Saskatchewan was the site of a groundbreaking shipment of three 50-tonne mine skips for a Vanscoy potash mine, a feat that has never been achieved before in Canada. Wabi Iron & Steel Corp. manufactured and transported the skips to Agrium Inc.’s potash mine as part of the latter’s $1.5 billion expansion.

Gigantic in comparison to the 12- and 16-tonne skips that are normally used in Ontario’s nickel and gold mines, the 50-tonne pieces are specifically designed for the Vanscoy mine, which is estimated to produce around three percent of the global potash supply. The expansion is expected to double Agrium’s capacity, which can potentially boost the mine from 10th to 8th place among the world’s largest potash producers. Overall, these developments present a huge step forward for the Canadian mining industry in terms of mine hoisting.